I am grateful to Christopher for helping impart the true story of Walt Disney.
— Ron Miller, Walt Disney's son-in-law

Tremblay’s four years of intense Disney research and college-level teaching culminates in this handy and thorough guide on the life of Walt Disney. Each site connects you to the legacy of Walt. We are honored that the Walt Disney Hometown Museum is included.
— Kaye Malins, Director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum

In Walt’s Pilgrimage, my colleague, Christopher Tremblay, becomes your world-wide tour guide to all things Walt Disney. Read this book and you will go places you’ve never been, learn facts you’ve never known, and appreciate Walt Disney’s impact on history more than ever. This is a must-read for every Disney fan everywhere!
— Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes, Dean of Student Success at California Baptist University and author of 2 Wisdom of Walt books